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Research shows your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex radically shrinks in size every year after the age of 40! This shrinking happens faster and faster as you head into your 50s, 60s 70s and beyond. So if you are over 40, you are at high risk of weight gain, diabetes and having a sudden heart attack or stroke. And even HIGHER risk if you are in your 50s, 60s, 70s or even older. If you’ve only ever focused on diet and exercise alone for YEARS, your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex has almost certainly shrunken in size DRAMATICALLY.

Like when you break your arm and have to wear a cast on it for 6-8 weeks. Your arm stays the same size for a little a while. But then it starts shrinking. The muscles begin to fade away. An underactive dorsolateral prefrontal cortex can make you feel TWICE as much stress during a difficult time such as the death of someone close to you or when dealing with financial difficulties.

This will sap your energy and make you feel so tired you need a 3pm nap just to get through the day. It will also worsen feelings of isolation, depression and even promote horrible suicidal thoughts. But the pain doesn’t end there.

Research has shown that an underactive dorsolateral prefrontal cortex can make your memory decline at a rapid rate. And even ACCELERATE the onset of Alzheimer. This is the reason remembering new names, dates and faces becomes such a challenge as you get older. But the worst is yet to come. Before you know it you will be forgetting the name of your friends, your partner and even your own children. If you don’t start regenerating your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and fighting the aging process today!

But first I must warn you…

The unusual methods below are probably going to make you angry. They are going contradict everything you’ve been told by the mainstream media and even the government about developing a lean, youthful body after the age of 40. But If you finally want to know the TRUTH about reversing age related weight gain and the visible signs of aging.

Make sure you check out these controversial methods NOW while you still can.

Your Simple Solution To Transforming Your Brain Into A Fat Burning, Age Defying Machine I teamed up with health and nutrition expert Shannon Clark and put all the most effective brain training secrets for strengthening your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and other critical regions of your brain into a simple, easy to understand manual we’ve nicknamed The Fat Burning Brain system.

There’s no technical jargon or over the top theories. Just real, practical techniques founded in solid neuroscience and the real-world experience of thousands of folk just like who were looking for answers. It’s very simple, easy-to-understand and to the point.

Here’s what it is, here’s why it works, here’s how to do it. Simple, effective and easy to understand.

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